Serve the Catfish

Serve the Catfish

Want more than a drive-by tribute? Here are the services, session types, and other interactions that I offer for Catfish Femdom addicts like you…

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Since I’m actually female, you can talk to Me on the phone and hear My voice without ruining your stupid Catfish fantasy LOL! I charge $2 per minute for most voice calls, and I do either call-back (with a private number OBVIOUSLY), or Skype voice sessions. If you really want you can call Me on Niteflirt as well. They are, however, My least favorite means of taking My money out of your wallet, so check out My Tribute Page for more information on which payment processors I actually prefer.

Call CatfishFindomShyanne for phone sex on

catfish findom shyanne femdom brat humiliation humiliatrix sexy


Too scared to call? We can always chat through texting! I don’t have a public phone number, so don’t ask. But you’re welcome to pay either $1 per minute or $0.50 per message for text sessions where we can chat through twitter, Skype, kik, email, or something similar. I also offer text sessions through Niteflirt, but again, they’re My least favorite payment processor. Because of this, they are more expensive.

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Since I own the rights to the pictures I’m using, I am able to sell them to catfish addicted losers lol! If you want completely nude pictures of “Me,” send $10 for one picture or $20 for 3 pictures.


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I LOVE humiliating losers like you. I mean, let’s face it, all a catfish really is when you get right down to it is another level of humiliatrix. I offer humiliating tasks and assignments, honest dick rating, wheel spins, and much more! If you’re man enough to take them on, that is….